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Cities to Visit
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Hurghada & South of Red Sea

Hurghada & South of Red Sea
Originally a fishing village, Hurghada (Al-Ghardaka in Arabic), 370 Km southeast of Cairo on the Red Sea coast, is now home to pioneer tourist resorts and diving centers. Located some 400 Km south of Suez, the town has developed over the last 20 years into a thriving vacation destination with resorts and beach front hotels stretching along its north and south coasts. The climate is mild and promises a year-round sunshine and crystal clear waters which lends itself to all marine sports and activities.

Discover cities south of Red Sea mainly Safaga and Marsa Alam with their attractive resorts, relaxation options, and water sports activities. Marsa Alam gives access to the Abu Dabbab reef, where a trail through a large underwater cavern leads to three huge coral towers rising up from the seabed.

Points of Interest
  • Visit Giftun Island
    Giftun Island, about a 40-minute boat ride from shore, is a protected area, with a maximum of a hundred people allowed on the island each day. Several tourist camps provide diving centers, refreshment facilities, and rest rooms. an early Christian monastery, highlight some interesting places to visit. Please remove what in yellow
  • Reef Life - Diving and Snorkeling
    The coral reefs of the Red Sea are Egypt's crowning natural glory - every bit as spectacular, in their own way, as pharaonic wonders like the Pyramids that usually head the itineraries of most visitors. No adjectives or glossy underwater photographs can adequately prepare you for that magical moment when you don a mask and poke your face into the warm waters of this seductive dreamscape.
  • Experience: Visit the Valley of the Camels
    One of the most overlooked spots in Egypt is the Deep South - the mountainous Eastern Desert. South of Marsa Alam lies the coastal opening to the Wadi al-Gimaal, an area rich in birdlife that extends 50 miles (80 km) inland. Driving along the coastal road, you will come across the stunning sight of camels wandering by the mangroves on the beach. The camels belong to local Ababda tribesmen, who brand them and let them graze freely.
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